Knit Purl Hunter Books

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Building Blocks

This book uses squares to expand your knitting knowledge. You learn to knit cables and lace and many other techniques. When you are done, you learn to seam the blocks together. The finished project is a beautiful throw to enjoy. Perfect for beginning knitters and knitters who want a portable project.


Building in Color

Learn to expertly manage multiple colors while creating a gorgeous sampler afghan. If you loved Building Blocks then this follow-up book is for you! Many of the designs are timeless favorites, some are original creations, and ALL of them are deliciously fun!


Building with Lace

It is a carefully designed sequence of patterns that introduce knitters to lace work starting with the basics and working towards more difficult patterns. This work follows the same format as Michelle’s earlier books, Building Blocks and Building in Color, and has been a long awaited addition to this educational series.

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