The Alpaca Yarn Company

The Alpaca Yarn Company is a woman-owned business. Their small staff designs all the yarns they sell as well as hand-dye many of them in their small facility in Pennsylvania.  The owner has owned alpacas for nearly 2 decades and can be found at her farm when she’s not at work at the warehouse. The Alpaca Yarn Company proudly brings you alpaca and alpaca blend yarns that have been developed by lifelong knitters.  They want you to enjoy the entire process of making your masterpiece.

Alpaca fiber is hypoallergenic. That means that people with wool sensitivities can wear it. Alpaca is a hollow-core fiber, so it keeps you warmer than wool when you need to be warm but breathes when you need to be cool. We also have a full line of patterns to use with each of the yarns we offer.