Loopy Mango

Loopy Mango Big Cotton, and So Soft Merino are currently available in our brick & mortar and coming soon to our web-shop.

We want the softest yarn for all of your special hand-knit treasures. We started with Merino wool because of its small footprint, breathable nature, and extreme softness.

Merino sheep have extremely fine fibers that result in very soft yarn (this isn’t like that scratchy sweater your Great Aunt knit you). We just want to cuddle those little sheep all the time!

Merino is soft and comfortable to wear, no matter what the weather is. If it’s a little too warm, Merino will wick away the moisture to keep you comfy cozy. If it’s a little too cold, it will hold onto the warm air in its chunky fibers without weighing you down - Think of it as wearing a fluffy cloud.

But, aside from wanting a comfortable, super soft yarn, it is important to us that our products do not hurt the environment. You can go into any craft store and pick up some soft acrylic yarn, but you know it left a bad by-product and will leave a footprint when it’s tossed away. Unlike synthetic fibers, our 100% Merino is 100% renewable, which makes us and Mother Earth happy!

Big Loop yarn is produced at our mill in Key Largo, FL with 100% domestic merino wool. Every ball of yarn is handcrafted by our artisans.

Big Cotton is now available for those who want something for warmer weather or who are allergic to wool. Big Cotton is the chunkiest cotton on the market and so soft you almost won’t believe it is cotton!